Enabling Supply Chain Transparency

Secure your Brand's Intellectual Property

Liquidity Protocol for luxury assets, & durable goods; real-time transaction settlement on a distributed ledger. Monitor & authenticate assets on a brand’s supply chain.

Industrial NFT

Empowers brands to fundraise for products before they enter production, allowing retailers to purchase allocations.


Allows brands to share data tied to the products, and receive royalty revenue form secondary revenue markets.

Supply Chain

Visually track the progress of your products as it moves through the supply chain and production processes in real time.

Chris Christmas

Founder and CEO

Welcome To BlokTime

We Aim To Be The Best Supply Chain System In The World

We want to help artists and brands to collaborate directly and more efficiently; the end user will benefit from a larger array of higher quality product options

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Why Launch on BlokTime ?

BlokTime is a marketplace for digital assets that are backed by the resale value of Authenticated Luxury Goods, that can be used as collateral to facilitate the settlement of transactions between users on platform.

Facilitate Transactions

Establish user identities accross the entire scope of the supply chain; an end user of a product has full visability and insight into the chain-of-custody of the asset purchased.

Order with Confidence

Understand the nature of customers’ activities to qualify that all asset transactions and transfers are legitimate to include the source of funds used to purchase on BlokTime

Secure Your I.P.

Assess money laundering risks associated with customers and high value transactions backed by digital assets and help identify assets that must be reported to regulatory agencies.

We have partnered with Blockchain Triangle to provide Carbon Offset options to help improve your cashflow options when you commit to a net carbon neutral manufacturing strategy.

What we Solve

Cutting Edge Solutions

Facilitate the transparent flow of supply chain data to guarantee quality by establishing permissioned nodes with supply chain partners to enable the Know Your Product (KYP) details of any item; a view of the supply chain from raw material to sale and future resale.

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James P. Morrison

James P. Morrison

Chairman and CEO

Anna Jenner

Anna Jenner

Financial Analyst

Bryan Floyd

Bryan Floyd

Senior Trader

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