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BlokTime sells software that protects luxury brands’ intellectual property by using blockchain technology for supply chain management to help brands raise capital.

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We Aim To Simplify Complex Manufacturing Solutions for Brands

Launching products using BlokTime’s platform will lead to much greater consumer confidence in the authenticity of what they’re buying whether it’s from a retail outlet or a second-hand seller online. Buying something with the same confidence as if they had just brought it from a store.  

Product Authentication

Protect your brand & scale revenue with our anti-counterfeiting solutions. With our NFT driven solutions, brands can tie physical products to a digital certificate of authenticity.

Supply Chain Data Tracking Solutions

Gain crystal clear transparency in your organization’s supply chain from start to finish for brand & customer benefit. Visually track the progress of your products as it moves through the supply chain while easily collecting key ESG data for regulators and investors.

Access Traditional & DEFI Funding Solutions

Unlock the value of your data by leveraging it to access capital through traditional routes like Carbon Credit markets or Decentralized Finance (DEFI) funding solutions on our platform.

Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team

Chris Christmas

Chris Christmas

Founder and CEO

Manny Gerard

Manny Gerard

Founder & CFO

Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall

Founder & CMO

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Integrate your brand with BlokTime technology to help protect your intellectual property while adding value to your supply chain.