We want to help artists and brands to collaborate directly and more efficiently; the end user will benefit from a larger array of higher quality product options

Our Services Plan

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We believe that brands should transparently and fairly reward artists for their contribution to a project; and in doing so we can help a brand capture 2X to 3X additional revenue on resales

Commercial DX

Fractionalize products & multiply revenue using digital certificates tethered to unique art or music; digital certificates that can be refilled as a subscription to access exclusive content and new artists.

Supply Chain Tech

Monitor & validate the authenticity of luxury apparel and obtain real-time insight on the lifecycle of any product using BlokTime's patented CyberLabel technology. Guarantee the quality of a brand on BlokTime.

Sale & Resale

Capture revenue on secondary markets and create opportunities to foster a community of validators to authenticate products on a supply chain intended for resale. Capture digital revenue streams and tether luxury goods to digital versions intended for in-game environments.

Brand Investment

Invest in the success of your favorite brands using liquidity pools backed by on-chain revenue

Crypto Investment

Trade and Exchange your digital assets and tokens on platform to capture new markets.

Raise Liquidity

Brands can rely on access to capital in real-time on any product launch.

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Our Technology for Luxury

Why Publish With BlokTime ?

Secure the authenticity of your intellectual property on patented CyberLabel Technology & tokenize a brand to capture the exponential revenue growth available on secondary markets. Sell a digital version of a physical product and capture more value for your brand on BlokTime.

Trusted by Investors

BlokTime is a collaboration of industry professionals and investors who provide opportunities to invest in authentic durable goods.

Invest With Confidance

Decentralized capital and control over your own keys; BlokTime integrates with various hard and cold wallet solutions so that you can remain in control of your assets and tokens..

Secure Platform

Your Keys; Your Assets. BlokTime is a decentralized solution that gives you control over your security and your encryption requirements. We help you protect your IP.

Authentic products and supply-chain solutions to protect branded intellectual property and digital assets.

How We Work

Building Blockchain Infrastructure

We provide end-to-end encryption solutions using blockchain technology to help brands secure their intellectual property and capture on-chain revenue.

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